Posture Pump Elliptical Back Rocker

Posture Pump Elliptical Back Rocker

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&ltp&gtPosture Pump(r) Disc Hydrator&reg Elliptical Back Rocker&amptrade &ampndash Model 2000&lt/p&gt

&ltp&gtRelieves back stiffness and discomfort&lt/p&gt

&ltp&gtDecompresses joints and reshapes curves&lt/p&gt

&ltp&gtBuilt-in rocking mechanism allows patients to exercise their abdominal muscles while shaping and stretching lower back&lt/p&gt

&ltp&gtDual-inflation mechanism gradually lifts, stretches and separates joints&lt/p&gt

&ltp&gtTwo uniquely angled air cells create multivectored force, and promote disc and joint lubrication&lt/p&gt