• $16,995.00

***To purchase the Supermax Laser call 800-729-4614***

MEDRAY SUPERMAX is a 45W,  four wavelength laser consisting of 650nm, 810nm, 915nm and 1064nm.  These waves are the absolute best for not only deep penetration and healing, but the utmost in pain control as well as photo biomodulation.

Each wavelength can deliver up to 15w of power, more than enough for even your toughest cases.  You can choose either continuous wave or pulsed, and during treatment, the laser actually cycles through different treatment protocols and settings, another industry first.  You can edit any treatment, turn on or turn off the wavelengths, or even change the power settings for each.  You will also have the ability to create and save a custom patient data base, edit treatment time, or use any of the sixteen preset protocols.

To further enhance treatment, you can use the attached emitter head, or quickly remove it and use the brand new, state of the art, roller headpiece applicator.  These emitter headpieces give you the utmost versatility for your treatment regiment.

One of the best features of the MEDRAY SUPERMAX is being able to do totally handsfree treatment with the patented optional S.T.A.R. therapy system.  The S.T.A.R. system has special treatment protocols, a custom made flex arm, optical headpiece, a 3D emitter holder and an elevating cart to use with  your new SUPERMAX.

Wavelength: 650nm+810nm+915nm+1064nm

Peak Power: 45w

Pilot Beam: Red LED 650nm±10nm, Power<5mW

Laser Type: GaA1As Diode

Laser Class: IV

Emission Modes: CW (continuous wave), Repeat pulse

Repetition rate 1 Hz- 20 KHz

Display: True color touch screen

Dimensions: 283(W), 275(L), 186(H) in millimeters

Weight: 7kg

Patient Stop Switch