MEDRAY Quad Class IV Laser

MEDRAY Quad Class IV Laser

  • $14,995.00

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For years, the cost of a high-quality, high-powered Class IV laser ran from the mid twenty to over forty thousand dollars.  While these lasers were of good quality, they were still expensive and often beyond the doctors budget.  Enter the MEDRAY QUAD.

The MEDRAY QUAD is a four-wavelength, high-powered, Class IV laser with power and features only found on lasers costing at least $15,000 more.  There is no reason to pay such a huge price for a laser when the MEDRAY QUAD offers higher power, multi waves, easy use in combination with AFFORDABILITY.

When introduced, the MEDRAY QUAD was designed to give the doctor or therapist a first class laser that offered power, presets, ease of use and a low price tag.  The MEDRAY QUAD offers up to 30.2w of power, the strongest quad wave on the market today.  With 650, 810, 915, and 980 wavelengths, therapeutic healing is administered over different layers and depths for maximum healing, rehab, and pain control.

The MEDRAY QUAD also gives you the ability to use continuous, pulsed, or repeat modes of therapy.  You can also choose skin color as well as pain levels.  These choices make sure that you have the proper tools to treat most conditions that are presented to you.  The versatility of the MEDRAY QUAD allows you to alter all treatments by power levels as well as time and wave.  You can also make and save specific treatments that you prefer.  All supplies are furnished as well as marketing, training, and a fabulous free certification course.

No matter the hype, or salesman mumbo jumbo, Class IV lasers have shown time and time again that results are obtained faster and with less patient cost.  In order for healing and rehabilitation to take place, the laser must deliver enough joules to actually trigger the healing response, and many Class IIIb lasers simply don’t or can’t give this power.  This is the reason so called “super pulsing” was introduced, to try and give more power to the treatment.  Unfortunately, many ridiculous claims regarding super pulsing are made.  A billionth of a second pulse has very little therapeutic value.

Many Class IIIb manufacturers like to push the so called high-wattage peak power outputs of their superpulsed laser diodes without being truthful and realistic about the average power outputs of their laser. Don’t be fooled or tricked by techno – babble  into believing that a 25-watt superpulsed laser can deliver therapeutic results that are remotely similar to the results you will get from a 25-watt continuous wave therapy laser. Boasting and advertising peak power outputs of superpulsed diodes is one of the many deceptive advertising practices that are being used in the laser therapy industry today.

The MEDRAY QUAD, as mentioned before, is the strongest Class IV, quad wavelength on the market today.  Plus, it is priced at the lowest end of the spectrum at only $14,995.  Yet, the Medray Quad gives you unsurpassed power, quality, customer service and a repeatable treatment that produces patient results time and time again.