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The MEDRAY MEDWAVE SOFTSHOCK represents cutting-edge technology in the field of acoustic wave therapy. Not only is the MEDRAY MEDWAVE SOFTSHOCK easy to use, but allows the doctor or therapist to control all settings.

The MEDRAY MEDWAVE SOFTSHOCK offers the versatility of presets for all major areas of treatment as well as the ability to edit these parameters through the touch screen control panel. This saves time and allows for fast operation.



Lately, several companies have come forth talking about the value of acoustic wave that has a soft form of impact and delivery. To help clarify, an acoustic wave can be generated through electro magnetic, pneumatic and electro hydraulic sources. There is no way to create a “special acoustic wave“; again, it is simply the unique formula that is utilized to create that wave.

The MEDRAY MEDWAVE SOFTSHOCK has the capability to easily do these form of treatments, as well as increase both the number of impulses and m/joules of energy that is given. The MEDWAVE SOFTSHOCK gives you those options, and at a price that is 1/2 the price of other units costing $50,000 or more.

Many of these companies claim you can charge anywhere from $150 to $190 cash for a five or ten minute treatment. This may be possible in some markets, but not many. The return on investment with the MEDWAVE SOFTSHOCK can be achieved in just a few short weeks vs. years.



An acoustic wave is defined as a wave with a rapid increase of increase of pressure within a very short time and then having a gradual decrease of pressure with a small negative pressure phase. Acoustic wave is aimed at the affected areas that are the sources of chronic pain.

During the treatment session, a high intensity acoustic wave interacts with the tissues of the body. This leads to a cascade of beneficial effects including neovascularisation in growth, reversal of chronic inflammation, stimulation of collagen and dissolution of calcium build-up. Stimulation of these biological mechanisms creates an optimal healing environment.

The production of a sufficient amount of collagen is a necessary precondition for the repair processes to the damaged myoskeletal and ligamentous structures.

Acoustic Wave Therapy has been used in various fields of medicine to treat different conditions. In dermatology, it has been used to treat cellulite and skin tightening by promoting collagen production. In orthopedics, AWT has been used to treat conditions such as plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and frozen shoulder.

There have been several studies conducted on the effectiveness of AWT in different medical fields. Another study found that AWT was an effective treatment option for plantar fasciitis, with patients experiencing a significant reduction in pain and improvement in mobility. In dermatology, a study found that AWT was an effective treatment for cellulite, with patients experiencing a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.



Acoustic Wave Therapy is a non-invasive medical treatment that uses high-frequency sound waves to stimulate tissue repair and regeneration. This therapy has shown promising results in various fields of medicine, including urology, dermatology, and orthopedics. The mechanism of action of AWT involves creating microtrauma in the tissues, which triggers the body’s natural healing response. While there is still more research needed to fully understand the effectiveness of AWT, the current research suggests that it is a safe and effective treatment option for certain medical conditions.