MEDRAY Aurora 2.0 Laser

MEDRAY Aurora 2.0 Laser

  • $9,995.00

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MEDRAY Aurora 2.0 delivers exceptional healing power as a 30w, single-wave laser of 810nm; which is considered the deepest and best-healing wavelength.

With the Aurora 2.0 you can alter programs, save and name your programs, and even choose pain levels and body type for the ultimate treatment.  The 15 preset programs make ease of operation as easy as they come.

All treatments are done on the huge 10″ touchscreen with “wow-factor” graphics for both the patient and the physician.  There is even a tutorial which shows how you can add your own videos.  With a two year warranty, you will get years of trouble-free treatment.

While the Aurora 2.0 doesn’t have all of the features as the MEDRAY Dual or MEDRAY Quad, the Aurora 2.0 is a fantastic laser at a never-before-heard-of price that is capable of filling your laser needs.


Wavelength: 810

Peak Power: 30w

Pilot Beam: Red LED 650nm±10nm, Power<5mW

Laser Type: GaA1As Diode

Laser Class: IV

Emission Modes: CW (continuous wave), Repeat pulse duration 50μs- 3s,
Repetition rate 1 Hz- 10 KHz

Control Mode

Display: True color touch screen 10”

Dimensions: 340 (W), 320 (L), 118 (H) in millimeters

Weight: 2.1 kg OR 13.22 lbs

Starting Mode: code and finger switch with electronic access key, optional footswitch

Patient Stop Switch: an industry-first and the ultimate in patient safety and compliance