Lloyd® Galaxy Ultimate - Elevation & Hylo

Lloyd® Galaxy Ultimate - Elevation & Hylo

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(Elevation, Hylo, and Flexion-Distraction)

Standard Features

  • Hydraulically controlled elevation
  • Tilting (Hylo) capability
  • Automatic, semi-automatic manual flexion distraction
  • Electronic height selector
  • Powered axial distraction
  • Lateral bending
  • One piece adjustable chest with spring breakaway
  • Extension/Retraction of length - powered
  • Electric height selector


The Galaxy Ultimate can be smoothly tilted or lowered hydraulically at infinitely adjustable speeds from horizontal to 70° controlled by foot pedals on both sides of the table. A safety switch prevents the table from accidentally lowering from the hylo position. A foot plate automatically comes up to meet the patient's feet when table begins to lift.

Optional Features:

  • Lloyd's superior designed auto and manual cocking drops
  • Pelvic rotation
  • Rotating chest lumbar with breakaway
  • Retractable flexion T-BAR
  • Snap-on covers
  • Total dimension flexion headpiece
  • Grab bar
  • Angled T-bar
  • Manual & Automatic drop ankle
Galaxy Ultimate Table Specifications

Height Range 22" to 38"
Fully Extended 91 Inches
Fully Retracted Including Footplate 81 Inches
Fully Retracted Excluding Footplate 65 Inches
Cushion Width 21 Inches
Table Width 22 Inches
Shipping Weight 500 lbs. (approx)
Actual Weight 450 lbs. (approx

Optional precision auto and manual cocking drops feature fully adjustable head, chest, lumbar and pelvic cushions and a specially designed tension adjustable spring release on the chest and lumbar sections. Separation of chest and pelvic sections can be as much as 12 1/2".

gal ultrotatedchest galult4m gal ultraisedchest
An optional rotating chest with breakaway is offered with either the standard chest section or optional chest lumbar drop section With the extender cushion and extendable ankle section, the Ultimate can accommodate patients up to 7'6". The extender cushion can be used with the lumbar or pelvic section and removed for shorter patients. Lateral bending can be locked in any position. The chest and lumbar sections can be raised and lowered
to comfortably accommodate pregnant or large abdominal patients. The footplate falls away flat on the floor when table is in a horizontal position.


Other Features of the Galaxy Ultimate

Optional Total Dimension Flexion Headpiece
(Range of Motion of patient's head is virtually limitless)


Programmable Automatic Flexion is a

standard feature...click to view details

Ult Auto Flex

Electronic Height Selector
Standard on the Ultimate. You can pre-select heights from
22 " to 38".

Ult Height Selec