Hill Stationary Top Anatomotor Intersegmental Traction Table

Hill Stationary Top Anatomotor Intersegmental Traction Table

  • $2,850.00

The Stationary-Top Anatomotor gives you the same quality of massage and spinal mobilization provided by our moveable-top Anatomotor in a 6'3" space. A reciprocating carriage moves the rollers at a speed just under the respiration rate. Unlike other massage tables, the back rollers are always in contact with the patient for a more relaxing and comfortable, deep-kneading massage therapy.
Model ST2 has two sets of back rollers that are spring cushioned and independently adjust in height to treat the kyphotic and lordotic curvatures at different settings. Model Option ST3 has a third set of massage rollers beneficial in treating the outer rib cage and larger patients. Heat and vibration options are available on both models.
The Stationary Anatomotor easily converts to a straight treatment table by inserting the filler block with face cut-out. A spring-recoil action of the filler-block may also be achieved. Unsurpassed in function, comfort, and versatility, the Anatomotor will give you years of trouble-free service.
Stationary Anatomotor Standard Features
2 sets of Semi-pneumatic back rollers in the table
Timer, filler block, top pad and two-section pillow
Fixed Height from 22" to 32" / Width 24"
Choice of 20 vinyl colors

10 year warranty on the motor and gearbox
One-year warranty on all parts (Dealer on-site labor warranty may vary)
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