HF54 Hands-Free Ultrasound Therapy Unit

HF54 Hands-Free Ultrasound Therapy Unit

  • $2,845.00

The HF54 is the first and only Ultrasound cleared by the FDA for Hands Free Stationary UseThe HF54 eliminates the two most common application errors associated with a traditional manual ultrasound treatment that have been shown to reduce the therapeutic effectiveness of ultrasound.

These errors are:

Treating for less than 10 minutes.

It is difficult for providers to properly administer manual ultrasound for 10 minutes or more. However, studies show that treatments over 10 minutes are much more effective. With the HF54 Ultrasound, providers can now administer a safe, low intensity pulsed ultrasound over a larger surface area for a longer amount of time.

Treating too large of a surface area.

Moving a traditional ultrasound over a large area reduces the ultrasound dosage to the targeted injury, which therefore reduces the effectiveness of an ultrasound treatment. At 65cm2, the HF54 soundhead is over 6x times the size of a convention transducer! With no need to move the soundhead, the HF54 delivers consistant ultrasound to a larger area.

Our Unique Soundhead

The HF54 produces an even distribution of sound waves throughout its large (3 5/8") soundhead of 3 uniform and harmonized crystals. Two channels of interferential and premod current for muscle stim are included with the unit. Premod can be used in combination with ultrasound directly through 1 or 2 soundheads.

The Horizon, a powerful 2" diameter red(660nm) and infrared(880nm) light probe is available as a plug-in with the HF54 or as a Standalone.

Stimulation, both soundheads and Horizon Light Therapy can be used at the same time.

HF54 Hands-Free Ultrasound Standard Features

HF54 Hands-Free Therapeutic Ultrasound GeneratorSwing-Arm with SoundheadCombo IFC and Premod Current - through the stimulation pads or the soundhead2 Muscle Stimulation Wires5" x 3" Electrodes3" ElectrodesCut Off Switch2 Gel Pads Retainer RingRolling Cart with BasketWeight Bag Velcro StrapsUtility Tray Spray BottleFDA ClearedOne-year warranty on the control unit and soundhead