Zimmer enPuls 2.0 Radial Pulse ShockWave

Zimmer enPuls 2.0 Radial Pulse ShockWave

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enPuls represents a significant non-surgical alternative for the treatment of soft tissue pain. Creating unique radial pulses, the enPuls delivers energy to a depth of 35mm into the target tissue where traditional soft tissue therapy techniques cannot reach, yet is more comfortable for the patient than comparable systems. Engineered with a longer pulse rise time, the enPuls maintains energy without resulting in unpleasant high peak pressure amplitudes.

Equipped with a powerful, mechanical energy generator with high percussion, digital control, and low mechanical wear, enPuls provides for an extended lifetime of reliability and performance. No Air Compressor. The enPuls is completely portable for use between treatment rooms or on the road. 

 Dimensions: 12.7 in (L) x 9.3 in (W) x 5.1 in (H)

 Weight: 6 lbs (without handpiece) 



    • Color touch screen
    • Positive pulse counter
    • Negative pulse counter
    • Fully customizable treatment parameters
    • Stores up to 120 customized treatment programs
    • Ergonomic aluminum handpiece that allows single handed use with footswitch operation
    • Affords optimal protection against vibration for the healthcare professional


    Prescription Notice: This item is not available for your direct purchase. It is subject to Federal restrictions and may only be sold by or on the order of a licensed healthcare provider. Please contact us at 800-729-4614 for more information