DOC Decompression

DOC Decompression

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Eurotech by Pivotal Health Solutions DOC Decompression table is truly revolutionary and breaking all boundaries. This unique design utilizes a state-of-the-art digital command center for specific vertebral targeting, separate lumbar and cervical decompression programming and continuous readout and graphing of treatment protocols. In addition, the digital commandcenter also controls the table elevation and rear flexion, all at the push of a button.

D.O.C. System TM Traction Belts: can enhance restraint for optimal decompression. This helps the body create greater internal disc pressure which aids in the reduction of spinal problems.

Axial Rotation and Lateral Flexion: can be done simply with the press of a button and manipulation of the guide bar at the rear of the pelvic section. The doctor or practitioner can move the flexing section to its proper position such as lateral flexion or axial rotation. This is nlike other units that have a direct and straight pull only. In addition, this system comes with auto flexion capabilities.

Other DOC standard features include

Built-in safety features

User-defined treatment hold and relax times

Real-time digital treatment tracking R.A.M.P.(Reflex Auto Monitoring Program) This automatically checks, rechecks and monitors the program time, active poundage, resting poundage, and hold/relax time.

CD Player with AM/FM Radio and headphones for

Patient Relaxation

Vertebral Targeting