CorFit Lumbosacral Belt

CorFit Lumbosacral Belt

  • $29.43

The CorFit Belting System is the best-designed lumbosacral belt on the market. Thatrsquos no exaggeration but simply a truism based on the high quality of its durable components and construction, coupled with careful attention to fit and comfort. Just ask anyone whorsquos seen or worn the CorFit for relief of lower back pain. Our patented fitting system allows us to create belts proportionally sized in height and length, with taller belts for larger people and smaller belts for petites and children. Itrsquos the belt that fits everyone and provides comfort, compression, flexibility and stability. When your belt fits correctly, it delivers lumbosacral back support to help prevent and relieve lower back pain that results from muscle strain and spasms. The CorFitrsquos upward and inward pressure supports stretched or weakened abdominal muscles and reduces stress on the lower back. By limiting the motion of muscles and ligaments, its support also helps improve posture and serves as a reminder to use proper lifting techniques. This lumbosacral belt is so comfortable and supportive, yoursquoll even look forward to wearing it. The plush elastic back panel is made with flexible posterior stays adjustable double side pulls provide customized abdominal compression. Wicking material draws moisture away, helping you stay cooler. The soft, CorEdge finish around both the top and bottom edges adds comfort without binding or irritation. The ultra-durable front panels, which close with a hook-and-loop fastener, add extra support. The lumbosacral belt is made of cotton and polyurethane foam and is available in S, Regular, X-L XXL, XXXL, XXXXL sizes. Check the size chart and measure at the widest part of the hips before ordering.

CorFit Belt Sizes

XSmall (5")
24" - 33"

Small (6")
27" - 38"

Regular (8")
32" - 43"

X-Large (9")
40" - 52"

XX-Large (10")
46" - 58"

Additional Sizes Available