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The CerviPedic Neck-Relief™ is a doctor recommended cervical support that can be used at home to help reinforce the natural curve of the cervical spine. The contoured shape aligns and gently stretches the neck as the body starts to relax thereby relieving tension in the cervical muscles and joints.

The CerviPedic Neck-Relief™ has helped sufferers with tension headaches, neck and shoulder pain, muscle fatigue, neck stiffness and neck spasms. Users already suffering from degenerative disc disease, pinched nerve and herniated disc have reported that proper cervical spine alignment while using the Cervipedic has effectively helped them with their symptoms.

Its organically patented shaped comfortably cradles the head and neck while gently promoting a natural cervical spinal curve. A naturally shaped spine opens up the structures in your upper quarter which takes pressure off neck joints and tight muscles and even allows proper circulation and breathing.

The CerviPedic Neck-Relief™ can be used resting in bed while laying supine. It can also be used anywhere you can recline… this can be at home, as a passenger in the car, by the pool or when you travel! The CerviPedic Neck-Relief™ naturally supports your head securely so it doesn’t roll from side to side or fall forward as you are resting.

With a built-in manual air-pump, you can choose just the perfect amount of cervical support for you!


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