Zimmer Opton Pro Class IV Laser

Zimmer Opton Pro Class IV Laser

  • $12,499.00

OptonPro is an integrated class IV diode laser that includes a fiber-optic applicator with an optical lens that expands the laser beam to 43.44° and a direct skin treatment area of 0.8 cm. Laser light is monochromatic, and coherent. Absorption in injured tissue can be calculated precisely depending on the selected frequency, the composition of the tissue, and the selected intensity. Based on the absorption rate, which can be determined by the Lambert-Beer law, OptonPro uses a system of four laser diodes with wavelengths of 810 nm and 980 nm, the absorption minimal of melanin and hemoglobin, and a maximum radiation intensity of 7000 mW (7 W). The optimum ratio of absorption and penetration depth guarantees efficient stimulation of tissue and pain receptors.


Standard Accessories
  • SysCart for OptonPro with storage compartments and glass shelf
  • 2 Sets of Safety Glasses
  • 1 Small Spacer
  • 1 Large Spacer

    • Touch screen user interface
    • Safety functions: Emergency off switches and operation by foot-switch
    • Programs: 3 fixed and Individual/adaptable programs
    • 120 memory slots for custom programs and 120 memory slots for favorites
    • Security key lock and interlock
    • Energy meter with preset and reminder function
    • Thermal Threshold Test for patient feedback
    • Performance Test
    • SD card 1 GB standard for memory
    • Error logbook, backup, and update
    • Individual adjustments can be made at any time and saved for easy access.

Technical data
  • Laser diodes: Near infrared range, 4 units in parallel operation, wavelengths: 2 x 810 nm / 2 x 980 nm
  • Aiming Beam: 650 mm
  • Emitted power max.: 7000 mW (7 W) continuous, unpulsed
  • Output spot size: 10 mm (0.39 in) of applicator
  • Operating modes: Continuous wave serial pulse

Prescription Notice: This item is not available for your direct purchase. It is subject to Federal restrictions and may only be sold by or on the order of a licensed healthcare provider. Please contact us at 800-729-46141 for more information.