MEDRAY Dual Class IV Laser

  • $12,995.00

***Please call 800-729-4614 to purchase this product.***


Never before has a company introduced a Class IV ,  2-wavelength laser at such a remarkable price!

MEDRAY DUAL is now available from Greenberg Sales using new, INTELITECH Software – taking laser therapy to a new realm.

The INTELITECH software guides you or your therapist through every phase of treatment with just a few simple touches on the MEDRAY programming screen.

The MEDRAY DUAL has a 30w peak power, and continuous 20w working power.

The MEDRAY DUAL offers 2 wavelengths of both 810nm and 980nm.


WE ARE VERY PROUD TO INTRODUCE THE MEDRAY 9w and MEDRAY 15w lasers for doctors who may not need the power and features of the MEDRAY QUAD or MEDRAY DUAL.

 The MEDRAY 9w is 810nm and priced at only $7,995. 

The MEDRAY 15w is an 810nm wavelength and priced at $8,995, a true laser bargain.


Prescription Notice: This item is not available for your direct purchase. It is subject to Federal restrictions and may only be sold by or on the order of a licensed healthcare provider. Please contact us at 800-729-4614 for more information.