MEDRAY  9 Class IV Laser

MEDRAY 9 Class IV Laser

  • $7,995.00

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Wavelength: 810

Peak Power: 9w

Average Power: 9w CW Power: 9w

Aiming Beam: 650nm at 200mw

Laser Type: GaA1As Diode

Laser System: IV

Device Classification: Iib

Emission Modes: CW (continuous wave), Repeat pulse, 1 Hz, duty cycle 10% – 90%

Display: True color touch screen 7”, 600* 1024

Dimensions:60 (W), 180 (L), 235 (H) in millimeters Weight – 2.1 kg or 4.62lbs

Starting Mode: code and finger switch with electronic access key, optional footswitch

Patient Stop Switch: an industry-first and the ultimate in patient safety and compliance


Prescription Notice: This item is not available for your direct purchase. It is subject to Federal restrictions and may only be sold by or on the order of a licensed healthcare provider. Please contact us at 800-729-4614 for more information.