AdvanTrode® Elite Foam Back Electrode, 2x2

AdvanTrode® Elite Foam Back Electrode, 2x2

  • $4.99

Features & Benefits

Highly Conductive Silver/Carbon Film
Proven efficient dispersion of electrical current over the entire surface of the electrode.

35 Mil Dual Layer Hydrogel
Maximum reusability throughout the life of the electrode.

Tamper-evident bag
Assurance that the product has not been altered.

Copper Stranded wire with tab and molded grip
Enhanced current dispersion, lowest impedance. Tab prevents wire pull out.

Molded grip wire socket
Ease of connection and disconnection from lead wire.

Large selection of shapes and sizes
Adaptable to multiple electrode application sites.

Foam and cloth topcoats
Ultimate flexibility and conformability to body contours.

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Elite Dispersion
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Elite Electrode 

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