AccuRay Q45  Class IV Laser

AccuRay Q45 Class IV Laser

  • $17,995.00

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For several years, the MEDRAY QUAD, was the most powerful, four wavelength laser on the market, and it still stands at the top of the summit for power, features, and price.  However, as needs grew, many doctors still wanted the fabulous capabilities of a four wavelength laser, but needed more power.
There are only a handful of therapeutic lasers on the market that equal the power of the ACCURAY Q45, and nearly all of them are only single, or at best, dual wavelength models.
Another important feature is that they are all priced thousands of dollars more then the ACCURAY Q45.  Other 45w lasers, with a just single wavelength, are priced at nearly $40,000.  Save your money, and purchase the most powerful quad laser available.  The ACCURAY Q45 is offered for an extremely competitive rate of $17,995.

Laser Type: Diode
Quad Wavelength: 650nm+810nm+915nm+980nm
Max Power: 45W
Spot Size: Φ10mm+30mm
Working Mode: Continuous Wave (CW), Repeat Pulse, or Blended
Power Supply: Plug-In
Input Power: 500W
Dimensions: 425mm*465mm*310mm
Weight: 18kg

ACCURAY Q45 comes with the fabulous new I.C.E. software, or Intelligent Computer Enhancement.   I.C.E.  software is a gigantic step forward in the way that therapeutic lasers function and treat.  I.C.E.allows the laser to work more smoothly, quicker, and with a faster learning curve than nearly any laser on the market.  Old laser operating systems are sorely outdated when being compared with I.C.E., and only found on the ACCURAY D60 and ACCURAY Q45.

State-of-the-Art Options
ACCURAY Q45 comes with every accessory needed, wall plaque, manual, training sheets, videos and more However, the ACCURAY Q45 offers one option that no other company offers, and that is thermal imaging.

Just insert the thermal; imager into the laser base unit, and you can, in real time, show your patient “hot spots” and areas of possible inflammation and pain.  Not only is the Q45 thermal imager a fabulous therapeutic tool, but it also is a fantastic patient education option.

The Q45 thermal imager with updated I.C.E. software is only $4,995


The Importance of Wavelengths

The aiming beam of the ACCURAY Q45 at 650nm serves a dual purpose of not only being the aiming beam, but also offers a lower dose, in the Class IIIb range of laser energy.  This lower powered and lower wavelength helps in the stimulating effects of photobiomodulation.
The conversion of ATP through molecular oxygen has the highest saturation using the 810 wavelength. 810nm has also been called the “therapeutic wavelength” as it penetrates deeper and affects more cellular activity.  By using 8w of power, you can be assured that maximum saturation of energy will be delivered.
Oxygen is life.  The 915nm wavelength allows faster oxygen discharge into the blood stream. Increasing cellular fuel thus allows increased healing capabilities.  Hemoglobin assimilation is at its pinnacle at the 915nm wavelength.  Again, for any engine to work, it needs fuel, and the 915 wavelength helps supply this fuel.  The 9w power level assures that this fuel is released and delivered
Oxygen that is released by way of the 915 wavelength needs a transport system, and that system is H20.  Along with oxygen transport, water helps in the elimination of waste, thus being a two mode carrier.  Photon absorption is converted to heat.  This heat creates a controlled thermal environment at the cellular level.  All of this activity triggers such responses as microcirculation and the transport of O2 to the cells in need.

Many doctors like to treat in pulsed or continuous wave modes.  Pulsed laser therapy is often associated with the 980nm wavelength and is used more as an analgesic treatment.  Continuous wavelength has the beam turned on for the duration of the treatment.  Continuous wave is most often used for biostimulation, healing and recovery.  Continuous wave works well in the 810 and 915nm ranges.  Both the ACCURAY Q45 and the ACCURAY D60 have wavelengths that fall into the therapeutic windows of 810, 915, and 980, wavelengths so not only is photobiomodulation achieved and deep healing, but pain control and an analgesic affect with the 980 nm wavelength.  Many of the higher powered lasers only work at the 980 nm wavelength and in pulsed mode only and are only one wavelength, not two or four.
Both the ACCURAY Q45 and the ACCURAY D60 offer the new Blended therapy mode.  This is a combination of both pulsed and continuous waves.  When the doctor chooses the B or Blended mode, the ACCURAY laser will run for 45 seconds in a continuous mode.  The next 15 seconds will automatically switch to pulsed mode, and continue this switching for the length of the treatment.  The doctor or therapist can also choose either continuous or full pulsed mode at the start of the treatment.
The Blended treatment mode on both the ACCURAY Q45 and D60 gives both the doctor and patient valuable options in treating their condition in order to obtain optimum results in the fastest time.

Prescription Notice: This item is not available for your direct purchase. It is subject to Federal restrictions and may only be sold by or on the order of a licensed healthcare provider. Please contact us at 800-729-4614 for more information