Vitaminerals 107 ClenZation System

Vitaminerals 107 ClenZation System

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107 ClenZation System

Detox Support

14 Day Cleanse-Detox Restore Program

Clenzation is a unique 2 week program designed to cleanse and detoxify the body from both normal metabolic byproducts and the constant stresses we are subjected to by lifestyle and environment.

  • Natural
  • Gentle
  • Priobiotics

Supplement Facts

Ingredient Amount % DV
Calories 12  
Total carbohydrates 3 gm 0
Sugars 2 gm 0
ClenZation Detox Complex
Astragalus root extract, Milk thistle extract, Nettle extract, Agave inulin, Grape seed extract, Alfalfa leaf, Irish moss, Wheat germ, lecithin, dulse
450 mg **
ClenZation Cleansing Complex
Senna leaf extract, Rhubarb root extract, Aloe vera extract, psyllium (husk), Cascara sagrada extract, Slippery elm bark, Uva ursi extract, Buchu extract, prune powder, papain
600 mg **
ClenZation Whole Food Complex
Orange juice, grape juice, pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, blueberry juice, elderberry fruit, cranberry fruit, carrot, tomato, spinach, soy, papaya, watercress, lemon, pimento, endive, turnip, malt extract