What was your experience working with Table Buyers?

Posted by Jay Greenberg on

We would love to hear about your experience.

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  • Jay is EXCELLENT! Very prompt, and attentive to meeting your clinic needs. Jay has outfitted 3 clinics for me, and I will continue to use and recommend him. Greenberg Sales is crucial to the function of our clinics, and an asset to any chiropractic team! THANKS, JAY!

    Brittany Kasprack, DC on
  • My chiropractor sent me to Jay Greenberg to purchase a Roller Bed to help with my severe back problems. Jay was completely proficient/helpful throughout the whole process.

    Name withheld by request on

    Name withheld by request on
  • Thanks so much Jay! Fast turn around and overall excellent transaction. I will definitely do business with you in the future! Thank you!

    Dr. Goode

    Bobby Goode, DC on
  • Just like to thank Greenberg’s Sales Company with new 6 Dynatron 625 Stimulation machines! Always great service and price!!

    J. Adam Martin, Jr., DC on
  • Thanks for the hook up on the IST table, my patients love it.

    Ben Boston, DC on

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