Corfit Advantage Lower Back Support

The CorFit Advantage utilizes the patented PowerWrap lacing system to achieve superior compression with less effort.

The PowerWrap lacing system creates a mechanical advantage, which reduces the amount of force required to properly tension the support.

Two independent pulls provide focused compression on the lumbar region, sacral region or both.

This feature allows increased spinal flexion when the top portion of the support is tensioned more than the bottom portion, and increased spinal extension when these tensions are reversed.

Constructed with a lightweight polyester, the CorFit Advantages keeps patients cool and comfortable.

All CorFit supports are designed to be proportional in height and width. Taller supports are designed to fit large people, and shorter supports are available for petites and children.

Sizes: Hips CofFit Advantage LS Belt

Small(6″) 27″-35″
Med/Large(8″) 32″-43″
X-Large(9″) 40″-52″
XX-Large(10″) 46″-58″
XXX-Large(12″) 52″-64″

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VM 63 C-Max

Vitamin C: ascorbic acid, 1000 mg
Citrus Bioflavonoids: 50 mg
(Orange and Lemon Flavonoid Glycosides)

Product description:
C-MAX® provides saturation levels of Vitamin C with natural methoxyflavonoids in an exclusive ‘controlled release’ system to insure optimum availability, sustained levels of activity, and minimize gastric irritation in sensitive individuals.
Vegetarian, hypoallergenic

Suggested Use:
One tablet daily as directed by your licensed professional medical practitioner.

Other ingredients:

Cellulose, vegetable stearin, slilica, magnesium stearate

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Retinyl Palminate: 10,000 IU(2 Oz.)
vitamin E: alpha tocopheryl, 2,000 IU(2(oz.)
Vitamin D: 1,000 IU(2 Oz.)

Product description:
Dermal Biostimulant: EDAP’s unique formula disperses the bionutrients and moisturizer in micro-particles for increased penetration and utilization. Forms a barrier for protection of delicate dermal and subdermal tissues from free radical damage due to environmental stress and pollution. Formulated as multiphase, non-sensitizing, moisturizing base of plant sterols and penetrates. Indicated for topical and sub dermal conditions where trauma, tissue destruction or other abnormal conditions affect skin integrity. Hypoallergenic, natural sources.

Suggested Use:
Apply to affected area as necessary and massage into skin as directed by your licensed professional health care practitioner. For indicated topical and sub dermal regimes.

Other ingredients:
Water, glyceryl stearate, mineral oil, lanolin alcohol, stearic acid, tocopheryl acetate, propylene glycol, triethanolamine, cetyl alcohol, lanolin oil, PEG-10, Soya sterol, fragrance, methyl paraben, Carbomer 940, d-panthenol, propyl paraben, vegetable oil, retinyl palmitate, ergocalciferol.

4 Oz. Jar
2 Oz. Bottle

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VM 83 Florofos

VM 83 Florofos

FOS: (fructooligosacharrides) 500 mg

Product description:
FLORAFOS® combines three primary, highly viable strains of beneficial microflora with an enzymatically processed carbohydrate fructooligosacharrides (FOS), which guarantees maximum implantation and growth patterns. FOS is a unique probiotic that selectively promotes the proliferation of microflora in the small intestine yet is unusable by negative bacteria. Microflora strains are specially cultured to survive and flourish in intestinal tract.
Store in cool dark location.

Suggested Use:
Take as suggested by your licensed professional healthcare practitioner.

Other ingredients:
Cellulose, gelatin, silica.

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VM 117 Distex

Vitamin C: (zinc ascorbate, ascorbate, ascorbic acid, bioflavonoids), 1,000 mg
Vitamin D: cholecalciferol, 400 IU
Calcium: carbonate, ascorbate, citrate, lactate, 150 mg
Zinc: ascorbate, 15 mg
Manganese: (sulfate), 75 mg
Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex, 50 mg
Bromelain: 100 mg

Product description:
A special formula which provides saturation levels of Manganese, Vitamin C, and cofactors for fibrous/collagen tissue structures. Vegetarian, hypoallergenic.

Suggested Use:
Two tablets daily as directed by your licensed professional healthcare practitioner.

Other ingredients:
Microcrystalline cellulose, maltodextrin, cellulose, silica, magnesium stearate.


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Ergostyle Basic






Ergostyle Basic

The ErgoBasic product line delivers uncompromising durability, versatile features and affordable prices to any office looking for an entry level solution.

29-EB9040 Ergostyle Basic, Soft Foam
29-EB9050 Ergosytle Basic, Firm Foam

ErgoBasic features: tilt headpiece, Accelerator pelvic drop, paper roll holder and cutter, unitized steel frame, seamless cushions. Adjustable from 18″ – 24″.

ErgoBasic Options
EB89295 – Elevating Pelvic Section
EB89288 – E-Z Tilt Headpiece
EB89493 – Forward and toggle drop with tilt and elevation

Shipping Dimensions:
80” L x 30” W x 24” H
(203 cm x 76 cm x 61cm)
Shipping Weight: 190 lbs (56 kg)

Due to shipping weight, naugahyde options, and various customization choices.
Please call for pricing information and/or to order.

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VM 120 Astringent and Detergent Liquid






Ferric Sulfate: 11.0%
Ferrous sulfate: 0.9%
Aluminate sulfate: 11.0%

Product description:
This solution, in dilution, may be used as an astringent, detergent, mouth wash, or gargle. Natural sources.

Suggested Use:
For an astringent and detergent gargle, 2 drops in each ounce of water.
For wet dressing, 5 to 10 drops with each ounce of water. Use as directed
by your licensed professional healthcare practitioner.

1 Oz. Bottle w/Dropper


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